Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Restaurant Review In the Big D--Campisi's

Hello from the big D (Dallas, TX)! Most of my readers are personal friends and family, but if you're not--WELCOME, thanks for stopping by my little, tiny corner of the internet! Reason I am in Dallas is for the Cotton Bowl, that Texas A&M University is playing in against Oklahoma University which is on Friday. We decided to come a few days early so we can wine, dine, and shop! So obviously I won't be in the kitchen the next several days so I decided to share with you all what I eat/have eaten! Today I ate healthy and balanced, until dinner. We are exploring Dallas with a true "Dallasite", so we have the ultimate insiders guide to great food, which is obviously right up my alley! Tonight we hit East Mockingbird Lane and went to the original Campisi's for some great homemade Italian food. Here is a picture of my food (I will explain everything underneath the picture):

Campisi's is known for their crab claws and pizza! I, of course had to try the crab claws and let me tell you, they were DELICIOUS! They were soaked in a lemon butter sauce that was divine. For my entree, I got the Veal Scallopine--piccata style which means the meat was sliced, coated, sauteed and served with a sauce. The sauce was a light lemon butter cream sauce with capers and artichoke hearts. I adore capers and artichoke hearts, so it made it that much better. My side was ravioli with a marinara sauce. You could tell the marinara sauce had been stewed and just cooked for hours, it was great. The ravioli wasn't that great--it was definitely mediocre to say the least. It was not warm at all and the cheese in it had no flavor. But I love strong tasting cheeses, so maybe it was just my preference. But anyway, overall this dinner was a success--it was a local haunt that was a hole in the wall with great food and atmosphere. You could just picture Don Carleone sitting in the dark corner in one of the beat up booths smoking a cigar. The green and red walls were cheesy with the autographs from Scarface & the Godfather hanging on the walls. But the food was great, which is all you can really hope for. 

Here's a picture of me enjoying a fabulous Bloody Mary at the bar called GOSSIP, I considered it my "welcome" drink. Love me some extra olives.

Now I am sipping on some decaf and munching on granola chips, about to do some pinteresting, you can follow me Here!
Until next time, enjoy your night & I will see you tomorrow with a new post with my adventures as a foodie coming from Highland Park.
Lots of love.

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