Friday, January 4, 2013

Tart Bakery Adventure

Being in a large city at the moment very much unlike where I am from, there are certain things you MUST see and do. Such as, find the bakery with the best French macarons in the city. And ladies and gentlemen--I did just that. I stumbled upon Tart Bakery at 5219 W. Lovers Lane in the Big D.

Now let me tell you something that you already had an idea about; I have had many macarons in my lifetime and never have I had my favorite flavor (my beloved pistachio) literally melt in my mouth of goodness. Not only was it melt-in-my-mouth good, it wasn't too too sweet to where it was overpowering, it was just sweet enough with hints of pistachio. And the color, well, was fabulous! As I walked into this fabulous little bakery, I was greeted with the sweetest girl. Extremely friendly personalities that just made my experience THAT much more delightful.

I got a pistachio macaron (OF COURSE), raspberry, lemon, & salted caramel. And let me tell you, they are all kinds of fabulous! They look great too, which is a plus because I have seen some unattractive macarons in my life. So having macarons look AND taste beautifully, amazingly, wonderful is honestly...rare. But Tart definitely did it!
(from left to right: Salted Caramel, Chocolate, Passion Fruit, Raspberry, Pistachio, & Lemon)

Let's just say my journey to find the perfect macaron has ended in complete success. I honestly cannot get over it. But wait! There's more! Not only do they have the best macarons in the city, they have a wonderful assortment of fresh (made daily) cookies, French pastries, cupcakes, and more! They are also known for their custom-ordered cookies, petit fours, cakes, & cupcakes. 

My sister ordered the triple chocolate mousse which was absolutely divine (which after eating my pistachio macaron, I didn't expect anything less than divine).

With their pastries and other fun stuff you had choices of glass bottled pink lemonade, french soda, water or a cup of coffee if you wanted something to wettin' your whistle between each bite. I got the blood orange soda. How chic and fabulous is that? Here's me just completely giddy with my tiny piece of perfection in my hand:

To conclude all of my blabbing, let me just tell you this is a must stop when you're in Dallas. It is all things fabulous and just what I was looking for and finally found. 
Thanks Tart Bakery! 
Make sure to like them on Facebook, they are always posting some "sweet" photos!

Until next time, lots of love.

disclaimer: all opinions are my own

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